Many promises have been whispered here. Many dreams have been dreamt under these trees. Many stories have been created on these benches. I found love and happiness in this garden. I made friends and shared good moments here. I grew up in this place more than I’ve grown all my life. I created memories during all seasons of the year, morning till midnight. My sweet dog grew up here. It’s a place filled with joy. It’s one of my happy places. I’ve spent hours and hours contemplating, studying, learning, playing, sharing midnight kisses in this park. It’s not just a public garden, it’s a well hidden place that envelops all my wishes. It’s a magical world, part of my Universe.

I love the fact that it’s hidden from people. Not many know this place exists, so it’s not very crowded. Private and solitary moments are very important for me. Since in Bucharest we don’t have a lot of places where you can sit by yourself, without being surrounded by ten other people, this garden offered me the perfect spot to sit and contemplate in silence. Best moments to come here are early in the morning, or late in the evening. For me, this is when the mystical aura is at its peak.

I adore sitting on the bench under my favourite tree in this place. I remember all the dreams and stories this spot has heard. Here is where I fell in love for the second time in my life. It’s where I dealt with a part of my monsters. I learned here what happiness is. I found a safe place where I could be myself.

It’s one point of reference for my life. It all started on these alleys. I even spent my last night here with my friends, before leaving home. I come here every time I’m in town to recharge with good vibes. It’s always in my mind and heart!



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