A Bear

I like him. A lot. I like the way he comments all the time about everything, sometimes joking, sometimes not. I like his awkwardness. I like how serious he is, and responsible, and annoyingly meticulous. He is passionate, interesting, smart, gentle and caring. I adore the way he laughs, he has the laughter of a child, from the bottom of his heart. He is strong and he is a fighter. He kind of resembles to a bear- grumpy, but intense. Beyond the darkness I can see a lot of love and passion. He says he hates listening to people talk too much, but he doesn´t realise that he won´t shut up about the things he loves :))). I sometimes get the impression he only likes to talk about himself and he doesn´t listen when I speak, but then he surprises me by remembering things I said a while before. I even like how little flexible and tolerant he can be, it brings out the ambitious part of me. He is sooo pessimistic, that it makes me shine with optimism to compensate his dark energy. He managed, despite his reserved and serious nature, to excite and motivate me. He tempers me and makes me calm and patient. I feel at ease with him, despite the fact that I know so little about him. I trust him a lot, maybe too much sometimes. I mostly feel silly around him. I can’t seem to stop smiling. It didn’t even occur to me that I may leave the impression of a foolish person..

I remember the first time I met him. I was sitting in the car behind him and kept thinking that I wished to know what hid beneath the surface. Months and years passed and I forgot about that morning, but then he reappeared into my life in one of my dark ages.It all started innocently, as friends who sometimes meet. I didn’t even realise I started having feelings for him. When my friends started teasing the crap out of me for this friendship I saw that it didn’t bother me, more, it made me feel butterflies in my chest with hope that it might be something there..


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