Why do people love magic? Because it lets us dream! To witness a magic show for 1 h means to let ourselves believe that the impossible and the extraordinary can happen, to let our imagination run in unbelievable places. When the magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat our most inconceivable wishes seem more tangible.

Why do people go to see a tarot practitioner? To obtain confirmation and validation (or opposition, depending on the case). We already know what we want, or what we wish to happen, we just don’t have enough confidence in ourselves to admit that it’s the right thing. So, we go and sit at the tarot table, we think about that question that torments us, and we wait and hope that some random cards, turned over by a complete stranger, will confirm what we already know deep down. The idea that “faith”, in the form of some magical cards, is telling us what to do is just too powerful to ignore. How can we avoid faith? How can we disregard a more formidable Universal energy, when we are mere mortal human beings?

Why do we ask our best friends whether what we want to do is the best thing for us? Also for confirmation. We rely on the fact that if other  2, 3 friends say the same thing as us, then it’s a definite sign that we should do it. The idea that multiple persons saying the same thing have a higher probability to be right, is just too good not to be followed. We deny that the concept is corrupted by the fact that those people are our best friends, whom we chose out of thousands because we share the same desires/principles/life patterns/etc., so it isn’t exactly an objective decision, because we already know what we want so we go to the people that we know they’ll support us (or not, if we seek disapproval).

It is all related to our fears and insecurities. The fear of unknown, of change, of failure, of rejection, the fear to make a decision and stand by it, they all create insecurities and frustrations that hold us back. We already know what we want! Wouldn’t it just be easier to listen to our inner voice, intuition mixed with rational thinking, to put aside our fears and just try to do what makes us happy?

Embrace your fears and don’t look back! Just do it, no matter how bad the outcome! To make a bad decision is better than not making one at all!


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